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20 & 21

JAN 2021


About the Conference

Global Fleet is hosting the first-ever Global Fleet Summit APAC, a fully virtual event about vehicle fleet and mobility management in the Asia Pacific region.

Since years the APAC economies are growing and internationalising, hence increasing the need for efficient transport and valuable mobility, both for consumers and corporates. However, multinational corporations often struggle to optimise their vehicle fleet management practices in APAC, because the fleet ecosystem is complex and diverse, in terms of economic maturity, product and service offering and cultural differences. To support fleet decision makers with an APAC responsibility in detecting, selecting and implementing the right solutions for their fleet and mobility business strategies, Global Fleet is hosting the first-ever Global Fleet Summit APAC for international fleet and mobility leaders.

Our expert content will help you in getting answers to the following questions:

  • How does the fleet & mobility landscape look like in the APAC region?

  • Which finance models are preferred and who are the suppliers?

  • How to set the baseline for your fleet management in APAC?

  • How to approach APAC in an international fleet strategy?

  • How can connected solutions help you manage your APAC fleet?

  • How to move from company car to corporate employee mobility?

To whom?

The 2021 Global Fleet Summit APAC is targeted at fleet and mobility managers and suppliers with regional responsibility in Asia Pacific or with global responsibility including APAC. Specialists in other departments with fleet responsibilities will also find this first Summit APAC most useful, including departments like Procurement, HR, Finance, Facility Management or General Management.


The Global Fleet Summit APAC 2021 is a Virtual Event Experience (VEX) using an award-winning platform featuring:

  • Main Stage keynotes

  • Panel discussions

  • Concurrent Breakout sessions

  • Face2Face networking

  • Expo Area

  • Chat interactions


2 half days - Expert Content


Wednesday 20 January

Singapore Standard Time - GMT+8

14:30 – 15:00: Opening of the 2021 Global Fleet Summit APAC & Networking

15:00 – 15:30: Meet the sponsors

Take the opportunity to virtually meet with the sponsors and discover their newest services and solutions.

15:30 – 16:10: Picturing the APAC Fleet Landscape

During the first sessions, we establish a baseline of the Fleet Ecosystem in APAC, from both an OEM and a funding perspective. The APAC car fleet landscape is a complex one, where the supply chain operates locally rather than regionally, and where negotiating regional agreements remains a challenge. The expert speakers will take you on a journey through Asia Pacific and share with you their experience and research. The most prominent OEMs in the major fleet countries will be discussed, as well as the most suitable funding methods. The landscape baseline exercise is essential for the International Fleet Manager’s understanding of the region and, consequently, necessary to determine the fleet strategies.

During the Landscape session, fleet professionals will share funding methods, OEM strategies and brand and model preferences in APAC – a true fast track to strategy and sourcing efficiency.​


  • Yves Helven, APAC Expert, Global Fleet

  • Yang Xiangyu, Fleet Operation Director, PingAn

16:10 – 16:30: Identifying the importance of sub-regional identities in APAC
From China to New Zealand and from Turkey to Japan, APAC is a vast and highly complex region with as many identities as there are countries. Dividing your various local fleets into manageable and “bite-size” groups makes therefore a lot of sense from various perspectives: policy, sourcing and fleet management, control. But which countries go well with each other? And how to divide APAC in manageable sub-regions?

In this session, we’ll help you getting there. We’ll look at the fleet and mobility contours, but also at cultural specificities and business requirements. This session is a step forward in approaching the APAC market complexity and managing pan-Asian fleets.


  • Nachiket Anavekar, Regional Head Facilities APAC & China, Syngenta

16:30 – 17:00: Networking Break
One on one meeting opportunity with the Summit participants in a congenial and easy virtual way.

17:00 – 17:30: Concurrent Breakout Sessions
Select the topic and session you prefer. Two interactive breakout sessions to learn from.

  1. Getting your funding strategy right in Asia: Misconceptions around buying vs. leasing explained
    In contrast to more mature markets in Europe and North America, vehicle leasing is not the norm for corporates in the Asia Pacific region. There is, however, a gradual shift in mentality, with corporates and consumers looking for greater flexibility and ease of use over ownership. And with projected CAGR growth of 8% by 2023 in the leasing market, all eyes are on future developments in Asia.

    Jeremy Cleary, Regional Chief Commercial Officer South East Asia at ALD MUL Mobility Services, takes a closer look at how leasing can drive simplification and deliver value for corporates and fleet managers throughout the region.

  2. The cost of finance in a changing APAC economy
    For many years the Asian region has had a thriving economic growth although differences in market maturity come with differences in economic pace. It’s interesting to understand the volatility of the economic situation in APAC, with insights into monetary policies, interest rates and currency exchange rates.

    With Bei Xu, Asia Economist, Société Générale

17:30 – 18:00: Debate – APAC Fleet & Mobility Experiences and Expectations
Fleet management in APAC is like a long and winding road. No one should be afraid to make mistakes, but why not learn from your peers and avoid them? In this debate session, global and APAC fleet managers are sharing their success stories and less successful experiences in developing, implementing, and managing fleets across APAC.

This session will offer you best practice learnings from acknowledged fleet managers that can apply to your APAC strategy.


  • David Staples, Regional Category Manager Travel & Fleet APAC, Roche

  • Huub Smeets, Global Fleet Manager, Philip Morris International

  • Timothy Tang, Regional PROC Manager – Enabling Functions, Bayer


18:00 – 18:30: Networking Break
One on one meeting opportunity with the Summit participants in a congenial and easy virtual way.


18:30 – 19:00: Concurrent Breakout Sessions
Select the topic and session you prefer. Two interactive breakout sessions to learn from.

  1. How new powertrains contribute to fleet electrification strategy
    Electrification is now part of corporate fleet strategies. The implementation of Electrification is, however, still not simple and easy. With introduction of new powertrain, Nissan e-POWER, can be an option to electrification in addition to pure EV and this could be any help to your future business activities. Nissan acts together with you and all stakeholders to contribute our society according to the role that the automobile industry takes under the faith “Move people to a better world”.

    With Yasuhiro Konta, Senior Manager of Global Corporate Sales at Nissan Motor Corporation and Michael Sommer, Deputy General Manager Global Corporate Sales at Nissan Motor Corporation

  2. Innovative but successful fleet sourcing strategies for APAC

No one size fits all. This is certainly the case for fleet sourcing across APAC. Differences in supplier presence, service offering, legislation and taxation and employee expectations ask for a well-thought sourcing approach.


In this session you will learn from the best, as Ivor Johnson of Pfizer will share how he and his team are approaching APAC as a region in which fleet excellence can be achieved both from a sourcing and a management point of view.

With Ivor Johnson, Regional Fleet Director, Pfizer


19:00 – 19:30: Meet the sponsors
Take the opportunity to virtually meet with the sponsors and discover their newest services and solutions.


19:30: End Day 1 Global Fleet Summit APAC 2021

Wrap-up of the first day


Thursday 21 January

Singapore Standard Time - GMT+8

14:30 – 15:00: Welcome & Networking

15:00 – 15:30: Meet the sponsors

Take the opportunity to virtually meet with the sponsors and discover their newest services and solutions.

15:30 – 15:50: How to develop a regional APAC strategy?
Strategy-writing is part of the fleet and mobility manager’s DNA. Nonetheless, in APAC’s highly diversified cultural, business and fleet environment, many new parameters come to play. So, it’s vital to adjust regional expectations to local realities and practicalities. The key messages here: chose your battles, distribute milestones over realistic timelines and work closely with your local colleagues.

Are you keen to learn how others have achieved to implement a successful APAC strategy? Then, this session will deliver you the ROI you have been waiting for.


  • Yit Ming NG, Regional Procurement Manager Asia Oceania Africa, Nestlé Group

15:50 – 16:10: How can tech and connectivity ensure the safest APAC fleet?
The quality of corporate fleet management depends on skill sets and processes, for sure, but there’s an increasing interest in tech-based tools that can assist the fleet manager in achieving efficiency and safety targets. Especially in tech-savvy APAC, digitisation and connectivity need to be part of a future-proof fleet programme; most importantly, your local company car drivers and employees will benefit from the safety features that tech can offer if deployed and used in the right way.

There is not one company or fleet manager that can deny the importance of employee and driver safety. So, Safety should be at the core of your KPIs. The good news is the APAC is the best place to deploy tech and to be or become an employer who cares about employee safety.


  • Paul Elliott, Business Development Consultant, Innovation Group

16:10 – 16:30: Find the right mobility solutions for your employees
More than any other region, APAC has embraced smart mobility, and alternative transport solutions are part of the daily live. For most people in Asia, the mobile lifestyle is a default - acting otherwise would go against natural behavior. Therefore, mobility and mobility innovation need to have its place in your regional fleet strategies, not only for its efficiency, but also in countering the effects of urbanisation and the increasing traffic in Asian cities.

Asian mobility providers offer integrated multimodal transport solutions that could even be more convenient than a company car. And people in Asia have a natural flair in adopting new mobility solutions to cope with traffic jams and road infrastructure. Learn in this session what smart mobility solutions fit where, and why you should add them to your APAC roadmap.


  • Vivek Vaidya, Associate Partner, Frost & Sullivan

16:30 – 17:00: Networking Break
One on one meeting opportunity with the Summit participants in a congenial and easy virtual way.

17:00 – 17:30: Concurrent Breakout Sessions
Select the topic and session you prefer. Two interactive breakout sessions to learn from.

  1. Leveraging Fleet Management Efficiency in Japan

When multinational companies have APAC activities, Japan is often one of the most important countries for them in the APAC region. Japan is characterised by a highly developed free-market economy thriving on technological innovation and embedded in a unique relationship-oriented business culture. A particular economy and culture that comes with specific challenges, also in fleet and mobility management.


In this session software system specialist Sofico will unravel some of the most important fleet management challenges in Japan and show how you can turn them into opportunities for your future fleet and mobility strategy.


With Taro Yamazaki, Business Consultant - Marketing Manager, Sofico and Ilan S. Boock, Senior Project Manager - Senior Business Consultant, Sofico


2. Finding Fleet Success across APAC

APAC is the most intriguing fleet region across the globe. A region that is known for its immense diversity, not only geographically or economically, but also in terms of market maturity, supplier offering and fleet and mobility development.

In this session you will learn how to approach APAC as a fleet management region, with insights into the key dynamics of fleet efficiency in this region with special attention for South East Asia.

With Reggie Cabal, CEO, Orix Australia and New Zealand


17:30 – 18:00: Debate – Ensuring customer satisfaction and managing fleet and mobility expectations in APAC

Fleet and mobility managers expects solutions that are efficient, user-friendly, cost-effective and safe. Now, the Asian customer is not necessarily looking for the same proposal as their colleagues in other parts of the world. And the current service offering perhaps don’t match the expectations of APAC fleet and mobility managers. So, let’s discuss the APAC fleet and mobility managers’ KPIs – and how to cater for them.

In this executive debate, the founding partners of the Summit – ALD Automotive, Geotab, Nissan – will unravel how the fleet and mobility industry can and will better respond to the changing needs and expectations of fleet decision makers in APAC.


  • Luke Downen, Acting General Manager, Global Corporate Sales / Residual Value, Fleet, Remarketing & Used Car, in Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

  • Sujit Reddy, General Manager, ALD MUL

  • Deepak Kadambi, General Manager, South East Asia, Geotab

18:00 – 18:30: Networking Break
One on one meeting opportunity with the Summit participants in a congenial and easy virtual way.

18:30 – 19:00: Concurrent Breakout Sessions
Select the topic and session you prefer. Two interactive breakout sessions to learn from.

  1. Geotab: Connected Solutions are a key to Logistics Efficiency
    With Deepak Kadambi, General Manager, South East Asia, Geotab ; David Brown, Channel Manager, South East Asia - Sales, Geotab and Marc Bucknall, Associate Vice President, ANZ, Geotab

  2. Getting smart with mobility in APAC​

The concept of the individually assigned company car is not widespread nor the most efficient mobility mode across APAC. In line with market maturity, product offering, regulation, congestion issues and the emergence of smart cities, alternative mobility solutions must be considered to support efficiency and flexibility.

In this session you will learn how developments in Software as a Service support fleet and mobility efficiency.

With Hiroshi Nishijima, CEO of Via Japan

19:00 – 19:30: Meet the sponsors
Take the opportunity to virtually meet with the sponsors and discover their newest services and solutions.

19:30: Closing Global Fleet Summit APAC 2021

Wrap-up and Lessons Learned



Founding Partners

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